Saturday, July 25, 2015

Running Heart Energy

There are just a couple of very simple steps involved in running heart energy. The first step is to go outside and look up into the sky. I hope it is a very beautiful day. If it is a very beautiful day ( even if it is not you can still do this), then take some time to notice the blue sky and the clouds but more importantly please take the time to notice how you are looking at the sky. You are not looking for anything in particular you are just looking at the sky to notice what is there, you're not concentrating on any particular thing. Notice how relaxed your gaze is. So remember how you looked at the sky. You will need to remember how you looked at the sky later on in this process.

The next step is to find a quiet comfortable place to sit down where you will not be disturbed. While the next step is very simple it is easy to not understand the instructions because we tend to hear what we expect to hear not what is being said sometimes. After you are seated and comfortable close your eyes. Please notice the space between your eyebrows. We are not concentrating on the space between the eyebrows, doing so may be very uncomfortable. Now we are going to look out thru the space between our eyes into the black infinite space in front of us. Now you and I know that there is no space between the eye and the eye lid yet we can experience what seems to be infinite space when look out into that space. Now remember when you went outside and you looked at the sky? you are now going to look into that seemingly empty space in front of you just as you looked into the sky with a relaxed gaze not looking for anything in particular. Now we are going to do 2 things that can make a big difference.The first thing we are going to do is try to look long into the distance, this with the intention of moving towards your source or your center or your spiritual heart. It is important that you know why you want to move toward your source or center or your spiritual heart and have a desire to do so. The process of looking into the distance seems, for me, to initiate a heart energy response. This should be done without straining or concentrating. The desire to move toward one’s source, center or spiritual heart, seems to provide part of the energy for this process. That desire may be itself part of the source or the spiritual heart. If you find that you have become involved in other thoughts and the energy has stopped flowing and the process has stopped, then again, look in the distance and bring your awareness back to noticing the process.

If you feel that the heart energy has started to flow there are a couple of very important things to know. First of all, do not try to manipulate the energy or the process. I discovered this from my own experience. Manipulating the process or the energy seems to weaken it. Also do not try to analyze your experience just be aware of the process. There Is nothing wrong with analyzing your experience but do this after you are done with meditation. Another thing that I found to be very helpful is to relax into the experience. To understand what I mean, imagine that you get home from working and it has been a very long day and you worked really hard. You go into your bedroom and your beautiful bed is there. You fall on to the bed on your back with arms stretched out and rest. That is what it is like to relax into the process and the more you relax into it the more you feel it.
At first when I started feeling the heart energy I asked myself what am I relaxing myself into. Then one day I realized that I was relaxing into another aspect of myself.
I would advise you to start with maybe 15 minutes of running heart energy twice a day. And maybe once or twice a week try ½ hour. This is a very powerful process so start gradually and see how things go. With any spiritual development process there is a process of eliminating stress and negativity so we can we can grow spiritually. After about a month you should be able to gage how to to adjust your time.

What can I expect from running heart energy?

I can only tell what to expect based on my experience. Everyone will be different. It is possible that some people may not sense anything. In that case I would advise you to give it a try for a week or two and see what happens. If nothing happens and you feel that you are following the instructions maybe this is not the right time for you to do this. You might stop doing it and maybe later on try it again and see if it works for you. If it works for you, wow, this could be the basis of some very beautiful experiences. I started having the experience of running heart energy about a year ago (July 2014). I have found that once I figured out how to run the energy that it was always available. Whenever I wanted to experience the energy I could. In my life, since I have been doing other forms of meditation for more than 40 years, I have had some good experiences but they came and went. But running the heart energy seems to be based on something always available to you all I have to do is close my eyes look in the distance with desire to go to my center or source and I find the flowing of the heart energy. I do not want to be too specific about what I experience because I do not want to influence what you will experience. However I will tell you that I experience the energy to be the combining of opposites, like blissful sadness or a feeling that goes beyond them both. Or try strong and weak, an energy that can seem so subtle and gentle and at the same time so powerful. I would expect that, as I said above, that some people might not experience much. This could be based on our level of spiritual development. Maybe some people will need other experiences before this knowledge will be of value to them.

What to do if you find it works for me?

If you find that the technique works for you please use it and enjoy. In the instructions I did mention that it might be good to understand the value of running heart energy. Well you might want to look at the works of Drunvalo Melchizedek. He has many books on entering and living from the heart also you might want look at the works of Lincoln Gergar who has made many videos about the spiritual heart and the higher self. If you are a healer you might want to learn the Quantum Touch technique, because on the more advanced levels it deals with energy and the heart. I believe that all of the above systems can culture the heart for spiritual development. For developing and purifying the nervous system I would recommend Transcendental Meditation. Many people have learned Transcendental Meditation and are now experiencing higher levels of consciousness . It would be a good idea to study the experiences of people who are making spiritual progress. It you go to Buddha at the Gas Pump or Consciousness Tv and you will find many inspiring interviews with spiritually developing people. Another great idea is making information on developing the heart available to as many of your friends and family members as possible so you can develop together.

Please let me know how this technique works for you. email me and I would be glad to hear about your experiences